OPEN SV's Ask An Expert program serves the needs of our members who maybe entrepreneurs or professionals and who may have questions about a diverse set of issues within their business industries. If you are not an OPEN SV member, please sign up before asking a question on this forum so as to ensure that your questions are responded to in a timely fashion. Become a member by going here.

This is a Members only service

Once a Question is received, it is assigned to experienced resources who volunteer their time to this community service and who have experience or training in the business area that the question is concerned with and while the nature of the service is advisory, the member can request further help with the volunteer resource assigned to his question in order to eventually understand and solve the problem him or herself. The program simply matches the questioning mind with a suitable and experienced hand who can guide him in light of the questions asked. Ask an Expert is a program focusing on entrepreneurs and professionals but it is open for all members and they can ask any question they see fit.F

To request an expert send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.