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Get the exposure to one of the largest entrepreneural and proffesional communities in Silicon Valley

OPEN Silicon Valley (OPEN SV) is one of the pioneers in fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship among its members and the larger community for the past 10 years – and has proved to be one of the key business networking groups in the Silicon Valley. We have had tremendous success in carving a brand name as the premier promoting agent for entrepreneurial and professional excellence in the Valley and for our events as a must-attend affairs for entrepreneurs and professionals alike.

Over the years, the message from OPEN SV to its community has been consistently optimistic with an offering of tools to enable the success from amongst the OPEN SV community. The focus is on launching new ideas into a venture and to strive for excellence in professional environments and larger organizations. OPEN SV events are the right place to connect with the elite entrepreneurs and professionals of exciting fields such as IT, Biotech, Green technologies and many more, where new and exciting ideas can take root and help you launch.

DSC01054 OPEN SV has two of its annual biggest feature events in OPEN Forum and Women Leadership Forum. This year’s events, big and small, promise to be more exciting and relevant seeking to inspire and educate. In 2012, we had 3000+ attendees attend our events during the year, and were inspired by entrepreneurial aspirations and bold ambition. As always there will be abundant supply of dynamic groups of entrepreneurs, professionals, venture capitalists, angels and thought leaders.

Past Keynote Speakers

OPEN SV routinely attracts top talent and high profile speakers for its annual events. Some of the former presenters and speakers include:

Benefits of being an OPEN SV Sponsor

  • Exclusive networking opportunities with Charter Members in specially designed retreat events
  • Engage with over 3000 attendees at OPEN events year round
  • Connect with the larger OPEN SV community for the entire duration of the year in monthly and quarterly events beyond OPEN Forum and Women Leadership Forum
  • Promote your company’s products, and services to today’s entrepreneurs and professionals
  • Attract and recruit the best talent in the industry
  • Sponsor logos for OPEN SV stay on the website for an entire year for over 50,000 unique visitors we get from around the world.
  • Our messaging in emails and other mediums helped us and our sponsors reach out to a community of 10,000+ professionals and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.
  • For Visionary Sponsors, opportunities to tailor OPEN SV events and present as thought-leaders, panelists and speakers.

Calendar of Events for 2013-14

OPEN Forum 2013: This is our flagship event and is held annually during summer. This year the event is scheduled for May 10th. Attendees include both entrepreneurs and professionals. The event was attended by over 650 attendees last year. OPEN Forum 2013 will have multiple speakers, keynotes and panels.

Women Leadership Forum 2013: This is the sixth year for this yearly event and it is scheduled for November 2014. Audience includes women executives, entrepreneurs, small business owners and home-makers. Number of attendees ranges from 200-250 for this all day conference with multiple panels and keynotes. OPEN SV is expecting 400+ women at the event in the coming year at Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.

Spring Quarterly Event 2013: The event is scheduled for March/April 2014 and will most likely be held in South Bay. Audience will mostly be entrepreneurs and professionals. OPEN SV is expecting 125-150 people at the event. The event will feature a panel on a yet to be chosen topic (opportunities for a sponsored panel are available). Panel will be followed by an open networking session for attendees.

Winter Quarterly Event 2013: This is a regular feature of OPEN SV calendar of events. This year, the event is scheduled for October 1st 2014. Audience will mostly be entrepreneurs and professionals in hi-tech and bio-tech. OPEN SV is expecting 125-150 people at the event. The event will feature a panel on Entrepreneurship and funding sources for entrepreneurs in different sectors but focusing mostly on hi-tech. Panel will be followed by open networking for attendees.

Monthly Events: These events are held every month and feature a speaker/presenter on topics that interest OPEN members. Majority of audience include either professionals or entrepreneurs depending on the topic of the event. The event is usually attended by 50-60 attendees.


Visionary Sponsors – Additional Show-case Opportunities

For our Visionary Sponsors, there are additional tremendous opportunities to show-case thought leadership in front of OPEN Community. Below are some exclusive programs that are available to our Visionary Sponsors.

Entrepreneurial Idol:

This popular contest of ideas at OPEN Forum is a crowd favorite where multiple pre-screened startups present their business case to leaders of industry, including VCs, angels and successful entrepreneurs through a brief presentation. Judges awarded prize to diverse set of startups ranging from social entrepreneurship space to ventures in bio-medical fields and social media. The contest has grown from 5 startups in its first year competing for a cash prize to over three times that number last year.

Themed Lunch:

In 2011, OPEN Forum introduced the concept of Themed Lunch tables. The idea was to assign an expert or two of an Industry silo or a phase in a startup company’s life (Funding, Recruiting, Design etc.), who heads a lunch table of 10 participants. OPEN SV members and attendees are encouraged to sign up for these tables ahead of time so as to ensure that they get plenty of exposure to some excellent mindshare on the topic of their interest in an intimate setting. Visionary Sponsors have an opportunity to contribute in the shaping of the agenda on these tables.

Sponsored Panels:

OPEN Quarterly Events are another great avenue for our Visionary Sponsors to leverage OPEN’s network and attendees and sponsor a particular panel where they can showcase thought leaders from their fields of interest. OPEN SV sponsorship and content teams will work closely with the sponsors on ideas about bringing about the most effective display of the content that the sponsors feel would benefit OPEN SV audience.

Sponsorship catagories and pricing

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Here is what our past year’s attendees had to say…

“It was an excellent event. Keynote was an eye-opener as he made it clear that adopting change before you are forced to change is the only way to succeed. Keep it up; look forward to 1000 people next year”
-Syed Saulat Hussain, Attendee

“…loved it. Very informative. Venue was excellent also”
-Pat Goering, Attendee

“This is a must-attend event for young professionals…”
-Zain Jeewanjee, CEO & Founder, G1G Insurance