OPEN has focused on creating a solid foundation for the growth of this ten year old organization.  We see increased collaboration with five other OPEN chapters (Boston, Washington DC, Houston Chicago and New York).

We want to help create a central OPEN Global that can help start new chapters.
We want to relevant and responsive to our community.

We want to focus on good governance and transparency.  We want to engage our youth and women who have been under represented in the past.

OPEN is a network of entrepreneurs and professional who help each other to achieve our professional goals. We are always looking for organizers who can become a part of the Operating Committee and help design and organize events. We conduct mentoring sessions, major conferences, networking events and workshops throughout the year. People who have demonstrated years of service are often invited to become a part of the Executive Committee and they set the agenda for the programs that will be delivered.

An open to public meeting is held at the Plug and Play Tech Center at 12:00 pm (Noon) on every 2nd Wednesday of the month. All are invited to come and participate. The agenda is to inform and solicit inputs and see what the community needs. How can we deliver a program that will help our community develop further.

We have helped many young professionals into seasoned leaders and have helped advance their careers. There is no limit to the level of responsibility that you can assume and earn. We help you with execution, strategic thinking and skills development.

Access to our 50+ charter members is another way for you to seek mentorship and learn from those who have been in the trenches. This kind of access will otherwise be very hard for most people but as a part of OPEN you are invited into the community who cares about your aspiration and goals.

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